About SuperNaturals

SuperNaturals Grafted Vegetables, LLC is a unique collaboration between Tim Wada of Plug Connection, Inc., John Bagnasco of Garden America, Inc., and Alice Doyle of Log House Plants. The three companies combine horticultural skills, vision, and innovation to make the best possible plants available to home gardeners. SuperNaturals offers Mighty ‘Mato and Mighty Veggie grafted vegetables, the first national US brand of grafted tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, melons and more. SuperNaturals is North America’s largest producer of grafted vegetables for home gardens

View a recent article “Grafted Tomatoes Become Super Producers” in USA TODAY about the grafting industry and what industry leaders are saying about their experiences with grafted plants.

If you’re a grower and you’d like to source grafted liners, please contact your favorite broker to order from Plug Connection. Note: Log House Plants is a broker of SuperNaturals Grafted Vegetables and the 7000 varieties grown by Plug Connection. See the Log House Plants Plug Connection listing. Check out the 2021 What’s New program! More info at https://loghouseplants.com/plants/broker-information/

See loghouseplants.com for West Coast retail outlets of finished SuperNaturals grafted plants. See GardenAmerica.com for mail-order grafted material.

To purchase the same disease-resistant rootstock used by SuperNaturals please visit www.territorialseed.com or www.awhaley.com

A. P. Whaley Seed Company awhaley.com/supernaturals has joined forces with SuperNaturals to custom produce and distribute premium quality seed for a full range of exclusive new tomato varieties bred through the SuperNaturals SuperNaturals Breeders including Indigo tomatoes – the most healthful tomatoes on earth, Artisan Tomatoes and Wild Boar varieties and others.

Contact info

email: alice@loghouseplants.com

Plug Connection

Plug Connection is the leading U.S. supplier of grafted watermelon and transplants for field farms and greenhouses. Year round, Plug Connection grafts tomato and watermelon varieties onto disease-resistant rootstocks for grafted transplants specifically primed for agricultural greenhouses or farms. Get more for less from grafted. Plug Connection is a certified organic, naturally sustainable producer. Their revolutionary process uses less resources yet provides improved disease resistance for increases yield and increased profitability.