Behold the Tomato


Martha Stewart Living features Wild Boar Farms

tomatoes in the July-August 2013 issue

Recipes for heirloom tomatoes:

Tomato Ombre on Grilled Rustic Bread

Simply slice a colorful assortment and arrange it on grilled rustic bread that’s been rubbed with garlic and oil. This is a great party trick that delivers lots of impact from very little work. Enjoy it until summer is gone, then make a promise: See you next year

Heirloom Tomatoes with Cherries, Balsamic, and Hyssop

Any large, meaty, pink-red to deep-red heirloom, such as “Brandywine” or “Cherokee Purple,” makes a substantial bed for the playful combination of cherry tomatoes and Bing cherries. Although we love the fragrance of anise hyssop, mint, basil, or tarragon will also work nicely.

Green Tomatoes with Pasta, Mint, and Toasted Almonds

The green tomatoes featured in this simple pasta dish aren’t unripe; they retain their color even when ready to eat. Their slightly grassy flavor comes from extra chlorophyll in the flesh. This is an ideal supper for a hot evening; just looking at it makes you feel cool.

Tomato and Mango Salad with Chiles and Tomato Essence

This colorful mix is dressed with tomato water, which is made by draining pureed tomatoes for a day. It may look pale, but its flavor is astonishing: You’ll want to spoon up every drop.

Tomatoes with Crisp Fried Eggplant and Burrata

Tomatoes and eggplants both have a long growing season and ripen at the same time, so it’s natural for their flavors to go together. For our crisp fried eggplant, we used slices of the slender Japanese variety — they cook quickly without soaking up too much oil and becoming heavy. All you need to round out dinner is fresh tomatoes, creamy burrata cheese, and aromatic basil.