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grafted tomatoes

Big Beef tomato comparison in the Log House garden.
Non-grafted on the left vs. grafted on the right.

Grafted Tomatoes on Garden Time:

Vegetable Grafting Information Website – Research project from the University of Arizona and US Horticultural Research Laboratory

Grafting for Disease Resistance in Heirloom Tomatoes – Publication from the NC Cooperative Extension Service

Grafting Can Help Fight Foliar Diseases, OSU Researchers Find – Ohio State University research found that grated tomatoes are more disease resistant and have higher levels of flavonoids

Grafting Techniques for Greenhouse Tomatoes – Article by Richard McAvoy, University of Connecticut

Tomato Grafting Research Program – North Carolina Cooperative Extension research, presentations, and handouts

Tomato Grafting Project – Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center research project (Ohio State University)

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